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Custom Knives and Blades in North Carolina




KSR Blades is your source for custom forged knives in North Carolina. Forged start-to-finish in our shop in Lincolnton, North Carolina, our products come from the highest quality artisanship with a custom blade each time.

Steve Randall is a certified Master BladeSmith with years of experience creating hand-forged steel blades. Whether you’re a knife collector looking for a custom blade or an enthusiast looking for a unique blade, Steve has the skill  and experience to deliver. Our hunting knives are hand forged and focus on simple blades with superior performance.

An avid tracker, Steve Randall knows that a good blade can make all the difference out in the wild. If you’re a survivalist looking for a camp knife or a hunter looking for a great, reliable blade, we have exactly what you need.

Check out what we have for sale at KSR Blades, or let us craft a custom blade for you. To contact KSR Blades about a custom knife order, contact us using our online contact form. You can also call the shop 704-472-4957 or email us  steve@ksrblades.com about a preferred design, and we’ll get your KSR Blades knife started today!